Buy The Best Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Plantation Shutters are an elegant and functional addition to your home.

At Sunshade Shutters & Blinds, we offer a range of premium quality plantation shutters in Sydney & Central Coast for the best value.

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At Sunshade Shutters & Blinds, we provide an array of plantation shutters of the choicest manufacturer.

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Outdoor Blinds

No matter what shade, colour or style you are after, you’ll find it in our extensive outdoor blind range. 

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Indoor Blinds

Sunshade Shutters & Blinds supply and install Australian Made Indoor Blinds of premium quality and superior grade parts – they are locally made, high-quality and extremely durable with a fast turn around time.

Why Choose Us


We provide the highest quality service from start to finish. We measure and install all types of blinds and shutters to guarantee an accurate fitment.

Quick Turnaround Time
Quick Turnaround Time

Once we receive your order confirmation, we install blinds and shutters within 2 to 8 weeks depending on the product. We know some situations need faster turnaround time, and for those cases, we’ll work with you to meet your deadline.

A Wide Range
A Wide Range

We supply and install blinds and plantation shutters of trusted brands with warranties. All products we supply sourced from trusted local manufacturers, so these products come with superior hardware and mechanisms and are durable and lasting.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Buy with confidence! All Sunshade blinds and shutters come with lifetime warranty and 10 years warranty on plantation shutter paint due to warming climate. We back our entire process, from our customer service to our factory and installation.

Transparent Service - No Small Print or Tricks!

Our dealings are transparent and straight forward, and we provide details concerning our processes, final installation and pricing. A deposit of 50% is needed upfront and the balance payable on completion of our work.

The #1 Plantation Shutters Sydney

Give a new life to the old windows and add a touch of sophistication to any home by installing plantation shutters in
your room and enjoy the elegance of light control.

Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Buy Plantation Shutters in Sydney for Homes

At Sunshade Shutters & Blinds, we specialise in custom-made designer shutters in Sydney & Central Coast. With over ten years of industry experience, we can carry out all types of window installations, be it an arched window, a sliding door or an intricate bay window. Sunshade Shutters & Blinds has an array of materials for creating custom shutters including classy timber and natural wood. Best for privacy and light control, shutters are available in a variety of color shades and styles. All shutters we supply are Australian made, so they are of high-quality and durable.

With technological advancement and innovations, today it is possible to install plantation shutters even on the oddest shaped window frames. All shutters we supply manufactured using stainless steel hinges that would not rust or corrode, making shutters the perfect solution for Sydney & Central Coast, the Blue Mountains, and Wollongong/ Illawarra regions.

Commercial Plantation Shutters Sydney

When it comes to small or big commercial establishments and offices, Sunshade Shutters & Blinds can provide seamless interior and exterior custom shutter installations for any window size and shape. All shutters we supply are locally manufactured, so they are of high-quality, sturdy and lasts longer. These shutters provide the best insulation and privacy, and you’ll get a broad range to choose from an array of styles, shades and colour selection. We have measured and installed a diverse range of shutters for corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Not Yet Convinced! Glance Over The Benefits Of plantation shutters:

  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to remove the dirt & dust with a vacuum; however, if shutters get dirtier, wipe them down with white vinegar to keep them looking pristine.
  • Control Light: Adjust your indoor shutters to control the flow of sunlight while completely blocking the view from outside, offering excellent privacy. Besides, shutters facilitate fresh air to enter inside.
  • Lasting Elegance & Sophistication: Shutters create a unified and clean ambience in your home. They look classy and elegant and available in diverse sizes, finishes and mounting alternatives.
  • Weather Protection: Shutters shields the commercial property from fierce Australian weather and safeguards against many natural elements.
  • Security: Shutters render protection against vandalism and burglary. Businesses including pharmacies and retail stores and stadiums use them to safeguard their establishment.
  • Privacy: Roll up the shutters when you want to be open for customers and need an open window or entrance, and roll them down by adjusting the slats when you want little privacy.
  • Highly-Functional: Shutters are easy-to-use, and you can operate them manually or electronically.
  • Energy Efficiency: Shutters can block outside heat from entering in during summer and retain heat within the room in winter. Thus, they can help save on your heating and cooling energy bills.
  • Long-Term Value: Commercial shutters is a prudent and long-term investment because of the benefits it offers like protection and security. With the right maintenance, they can last and serve you longer.
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About Sunshade Shutters & Blinds


With the highest-rated quality products for each category in terms of quality, practicality, superior installation and customer satisfaction at prices that beat the competition hands down, Sunshade Shutters & Blinds offer the highest value in the market! We have been trained by the best with unbiased opinions, and we are super passionate and in love with the industry. We maintain a warm and friendly business relationship with every customer with the intent of doing business decades down the future.

Our goal – Our goal is to provide a superior buying experience to all our customers, backed with expert product advice, the best product installation and exceptional customer service, which will help us to stand out from the rest.

The Best Advice & Recommendations The customer will get the best advice from a reliable company that knows the industry inside out. We can recommend based on product technicality so that the customer can achieve the best-desired outcome. With a mobile showroom, we carry a good deal of samples to customers’ houses and businesses and offer plenty of color-shades and materials to choose from.

100% Customer Satisfaction Honesty and integrity are the backbones of our business, which has carried us to where we are now. We aim to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and it’s easy because we know what we are doing and have been doing it already.

We Service – All of Sydney & Central Coast, The Blue Mountains & Wollongong / Illawarra regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install plantation shutters and blinds in my home?

Plantation shutters and blinds Sunshade Shutters supply and install can get fitted to your windows, doors, balconies and even as room dividers. Depending on where you want to install plantation shutters in your home or office, we can customise the plantation shutters to fit the space accurately. Plantation shutters in Sydney are highly desirable as they can infuse new life into old and tired windows of your home or office and give you the ability to control light. We can customise blinds to fit your windows precisely, enhancing practicality and interior decor.

Isn't plantation shutters and blinds pricey?

At Sunshade Shutters, you’ll get plantation shutters and blinds at various price brackets – that means you can get affordable variant to top variant. So depending on your budget and requirements, you can buy plantation shutters and blinds for your home or office. Roller blinds, Roman blinds and Timber Venetian blinds are more affordable options than plantation shutters. Some clients prefer to blend different materials per their needs and budgets – for instance, they install plantation shutters at the front, fabric blinds at the back and timber Venetians at the side.

What is the lifespan of plantation shutters and blinds?

Depending on the size of your plantation shutters/ blinds and how frequently they need lifting and lowering will impact parts such as the cords. After years of use, you can replace these parts to renew your blinds. Like any other product, with careful usage and maintenance, blinds and shutters will serve you for many years to come.

What should I do if I am not comfortable installing blinds?

At Sunshade Shutters, we provide professional installation for plantation shutters and blinds, so you don’t have to worry about installation.

I am not confident to measure windows – can I get professional help?

At Sunshade Shutters, we provide a free measure and quote for plantation shutters/ blinds requirements.

Does plantation shutters carry any guarantee or warranty?

All Sunshade shutters and blinds get a lifetime warranty shield and a 10-year warranty on the paint of plantation shutters due to Australia’s warm climatic conditions.

What do I need to do before installing my plantation shutters?

Well, you need to make four decisions before installing new plantation shutters in your Sydney home or office. They are listed below:

(a) Decide where you want to have your plantation shutters installed

You can install plantation shutters inside or outside of your windows.

(b) Decide framing panel style & divider rails

  • Full shutters (open up as a single panel),
  • Cafe shutters (cover half of the window and leave the remaining area open for a clear view around eye level),
  • Double-hung shutters (opens up from the top and bottom separately),
  • Divider rails can facilitate you to open and close the top and lower louvres of your plantation shutters. You can install them at your preferred height, so you can get control over how your shutters open and close.

(c) Decide on the louvre sizes

Various louvre sizes are available on the market, and you need to choose the one that serves your purpose and aesthetics. For instance:

  • Smaller louvres are best for providing a proportional look for small windows in your home.
  • Larger louvres can offer a clear view outside of your windows.

(d) Decide on the tilting options

  • Traditional tilt bar – Provides a clear view outside of your windows.
  • Modern hidden tilt bars – Sit (hidden) behind your louvres, providing your plantation shutters with a sleek look.

There is no difference in how they function, so it will depend on the visual appeal you want to create.

If your query isn’t solved yet, please feel free to contact us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and our expert and friendly team will be happy to assist you!


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