Which Plantation Shutter Material Is Right for Your Home?

Materials of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can enhance the overall ambience of your property. Besides, they can help to curtail your monthly energy bills, and saving your hard-earned money is always beneficial. Nonetheless, investing in the right material is imperative to make the most out of your plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are available in a variety of materials; however, widely used are aluminium, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), poplar and basswood. If you want comfy and pleasant plantation shutters then choose a durable material that matches your penchant and lifestyle.

Types of Material for Plantation Shutters

Here we list the top plantation shutters materials that are widely used in Australia.

1. Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Outdoor Aluminium Shutters

Strong aluminium shutters are robust, durable and secure, and come with the best strength to weight ratios, which is better than any other material. Thus, many of the homeowners select aluminium plantation shutters over timber. Aluminium shutters are pricier than timber shutters, but if you need a lasting window treatment that is modern and stylish, then aluminium plantation shutters is the best bet.

2. PVC Shutters

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is also a highly sought-after material for plantation shutters. PVC is sturdy and robust. Besides, PVC plantation shutters are made with an aluminium core that adds to their overall strength. PVC shutters are resistant to moisture and won’t damage even in the toughest Australian weather.

3. Basswood (Timber) Plantation Shutters

Basswood is a vigorous soft timber that’s often referred to as “lime timber” and rated amongst the best plantation shutter materials. When it comes to designing and styling, basswood provides matchless flexibility. Moreover, basswood plantation shutters can be sanded and painted to any colour of your preference.

4. Poplar Plantation Shutters

Poplar is a timber, known for its tough texture and often used to manufacture all types of furnishings including timber plantation shutters.

Timber Shutters

Plantation Shutters for Outdoor Use

Aluminium plantation shutters are the best material for outdoor or exterior use. Timber and other forms of timber shutters are not suitable for outdoor use.


Modern-day life is hectic; so many people don’t want complicated plantation shutters that demand a lot of maintenance, which can be time-consuming. PVC plantation shutters are easy to maintain, which is ideal for those living a busy life. Basic dusting would be sufficient for keeping your PVC plantation shutters spotless and beautiful. Basswood and aluminium plantation shutters are ideal for people who want to stay away from time-consuming maintenance needs. Poplar plantation shutters are not that high maintenance, but they need more attention and care than aluminium and basswood plantation shutters.

Colour Alternatives

Plantation shutters enhance the decor of the space making it cosier and visually pleasing. Selecting the right colour for your plantation shutters is imperative, so make sure what type of mood you want to create, and accordingly pick the colour. If you’re opting for soft timber plantation shutters then the natural colour is your only choice, which looks stunningly pleasant. PVC and aluminium both make superb alternatives for those who like to select from many choices in attractive and varied colours. For those who like delicate pastels, poplar plantation shutters make a fantastic choice.

Plantation Shutter Material & Interior Design

Look for plantation shutter material that gratifies your preferences and needs. Aluminium plantation shutters are ideal for modern and classic interior design schemes, which mean they are flexible. If you love polished, streamlined and modern design ambiences, then PVC plantation shutters will work wonders for interior design. Poplar plantation shutters will perfectly suit homes having a classic ambience. Basswood shutters will suit country or rustic homes that are cosy and inviting.

What Strength Should Plantation Shutter Possess?

PVC material endures for a long time. Aluminium is incredibly robust and requires minimal maintenance and won’t take much of your time. Besides, poplar is durable and strong compared to all other timber shutters including basswood.

Plantation Shutters & Insulation Abilities

The ideal plantation shutter material should have insulation capabilities. PVC and aluminium both have excellent insulation capabilities. Besides, basswood and poplar timber plantation shutters also have insulation capabilities. Nonetheless, all types of plantation shutters can help in insulating homes. All plantation shutter materials can create identical insulation when fitted appropriately. Plantation shutters are a must for your home if you want to keep living space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Plantation Shutters Advantages

Let’s quickly look at the core advantages of installing plantation shutters

  • Plantation shutters improve the room’s ventilation.
  • It can be tweaked to let in less or more light.
  • It offers privacy and an added layer of security.
  • It insulates a home during winter, and offer protection against summer heat.
  • They have a modest and classy design that never age.
  • It’s effortless to clean and maintain plantation shutters.
  • Plantation shutters are flexible and look fabulous in any colour.
  • Pair plantation shutters to your furniture to make a statement.
  • Plantation shutters go well with rustic interiors.
  • Plantation shutters also look exquisite in a classic home-office.
  • They can seamlessly add natural elements to a simple home.
  • Plantation shutters can enliven a country-style atmosphere.
  • Be it Modern or Victorian home interiors, plantation shutters will work seamlessly.

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