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Buy High-Quality Fly Screens In Sydney, Australia

A fly screen can be seen in most Aussie households and regarded as essential. A fly screen is known for its ability to block away flies and provides numerous benefits to a homeowner, making them both a favourite and indispensable choice for any contemporary or modern home.

At Sunshade Shutters, we supply high-quality stainless steel and mesh fly screen security doors in Sydney at affordable prices. By installing premium quality fly screens for the doors, you can keep flies and other pests out of your home and still allow the fresh air to enter. Fly screen doors are available in both sliding and hinged options.

Top Features of Fly Screens

Adds extra security layer: Fly screen’s sturdy frame and net structure provide much-needed protection from home burglary attacks, as they’re hard to meddle. Fly screen for doors is built using robust materials and designed to stop undesirable access and entry to your home.

Privacy: Fly screens provide privacy, as the conventional black mesh construction makes it hard for someone outside to peep inside, especially from a distance. But those inside the home can still see what’s happening outdoors with ease.

Allows natural light: Fly screens facilitate natural light to enter the room and brighten up space.

Allows fresh air: Fly screens’ pierced mesh construction offers an obstacle without blocking the flow of air. The enhanced ventilation and air circulation render a regular clean air supply into a home, vital for good health.

Top Benefits of Fly Screens

Keeps out insects: Fly screen door can keep all unwanted pests outside of your home. It is vital, especially in the warmer months when flies, mosquitoes and other household pests and insects are common.

Safeguards children: Fly screens safeguard children from stepping in areas where they shouldn’t go – for example, the back or front garden without a parent or adult supervision. Fly screens provide a better solution for controlling access and keeping children safe, within sight, at home without the need to close all doors and forming a defensive structure.

Saves energy: Installing fly screens throughout the home enables a natural flow of air. This natural ventilation can help keep the whole house cool in the summer months without the need to run pricier air conditioning systems constantly to adjust indoor temperatures. It can result in substantial energy savings that can benefit both the homeowner and the environment. Besides, fly screens can block direct sunlight, thus, prevent damage to your furniture.

Why Use Sunshade Shutters’ Fly Screens?

  • Sunshade Shutters supply premium quality, durable and attractive fly screen doors in Sydney at cost-effective prices.
  • You’ll get high-quality stainless steel and mesh security screen doors best-suited for straight or sliding doors.
  • We have a trained, experienced and friendly team in Sydney to help you with all your security door and fly screen requirements.
  • We not only facilitate free measures and quotes but also provide fly screen door installation.

Whether you want to install security doors and fly screens or want to replace a broken fly screen door, Sunshade Shutters have you covered. Get in touch with us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and one of our expert crews will assist you all through!


Fly Screens - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for pets to damage the screen mesh?

Standard fibreglass mesh is comparatively robust; however, it would not resist a pet pawning, sharpening claws or scratching on it. Pet/ tuff mesh designed especially with pets in mind is what we recommend for homes containing pets.

Can a fly screen keep all kinds of insects out?

Standard 18×16 grade mesh keeps out most insects, including mosquitoes, flies, moths, bees and wasps. If you live in a region where fruit flies and midges are in plenty, you can choose mesh available in 20×30 or 20×20 specifications.

Can fly screens make my home dark in the daytime?

Standard fly screens won’t decrease the ambient daylight in your home, but close weave solar screen mesh that blocks UV rays is an exception.

Is it possible to clean fly screens? If yes, how to do it?

It is possible to clean fly screens. Cleaning your fly screens at regular intervals will uphold optimal airflow and eliminate dust, dirt and insect debris.

  • The high-quality fly screen mesh we supply won’t rust, corrode or shrink, and you can wipe the powder-coated frames easily with a moist cloth.
  • Detach panel fly screens from their frame to easily clean them using a sponge with warm water and detergent, and rinse off and air dry.
  • Clean retractable roller type screens in place using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

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