Double Roller Blinds

Save upto 50%* on Indoor Blinds
Save upto 50%* on Indoor Blinds

Double roller blinds known as dual roller blinds are a blend of blockout blind and translucent or sunscreen blind.Sunshade Shutters offer a vast range of premium fabrics for blockout, sunscreen and translucent blind to create the ultimate double roller blinds for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and theatres.

These double-layered blinds offer the best privacy, insulation and light control capabilities. Blockout blind lets you control privacy and insulation at night hours whereas, translucent or sunscreen blind offer UV protection and privacy during daytime.Double roller blinds are the right choice for adorning the windows that can save valuable space,a perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

Blockout Double Roller Blinds

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Double Roller

What Is a Blockout Double Roller Blind?

Blockout fabrics entirely block the sunlight that enters the room and help maintain full privacy. Sunshade Shutters’ range of blockout blinds is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms that require enhanced privacy. Nothing can beat blockout blinds for complete privacy,and it’s a fantastic way to keep your home or office rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Double Roller

Day-Night Dual Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds also known as day-night dual roller blinds comprises two roller blinds with different fabric choice (one blockout fabric and one sunscreen or translucent fabric) and installed onto one pair of double brackets.

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Double Roller

Custom Day & Night Roller Blinds

You can create a custom day and night roller blind by selecting a blockout blind fabric along with sunscreen or translucent blind-fabric of your choice. With two blind-fabric smartly integrated into one, you’ll get the best of both worlds – you’ll enjoy the ultimate privacy and efficient light-control capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does double roller blinds work?

Double roller blinds comprise of two roller blind fabrics fitted to one window, one infront of the other. You can operate each blind separately, as they come with separate controls.

How to install & mount double roller blinds?

You can install and mount double roller blinds using any one of the following two methods:

  • Face-Fixed blockout & the screen support inside the visible window:For this method, you need sufficient clearance inside the visible window to support the screen. The blockout blind when rolled down, it will completely block out light.Here, the blockout blind will conceal the brackets, parts and mechanism of the screen.
  • The double roller blind bracket:This smart bracket is available in two discrete alternatives viz.a standard L-shaped bracket and a slimline bracket.Both provide support to dual roller blinds inside the visible-window or in the face of the architrave. Adequate clearance is needed if you want to mount them inside the visible-window.
What kind of fabric alignment required for double roller blinds?

Depending on the window design and space around the window, you can choose any one of the following two fabric alignment methods:

  1. Over-Rolled Blinds is also known as Forward-Rolled Blinds.
  2. Under-Rolled Blinds is also known as Reverse-Rolled Blinds.
What types of fabric is best for creating double roller blinds?

A double roller blind fashioned using blockout blind fabric on one side and a sunscreen blind fabric on the other- this combination is used extensively in Sydney and the rest of Australia. However, you can pair a blockout fabric with a translucent blind fabric if you prefer.

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