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At Sunshade Shutters, we supply and install an array of elegant and high-quality honeycomb blinds in Sydney and Central Coast at affordable prices. Honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular blinds and made from unique cellular fabrics. Honeycomb blinds come with horizontal, vertical and tender pleat, and provide a refined modern look. The pleated design of the honeycomb blind provides excellent effectiveness and grace. These honeycomb cellular blinds are an energy-efficient smart window furnishing fabrics and come in a wide range of insulation and light filtering options and are perfect for the Australian climate.

Get Energy Efficient Honeycomb Cellular Blinds in Sydney

Sunshade Shutters range of honeycomb blinds offers cellular shades that consist of at least two fabric sheets – one facing the outdoors and the other facing the room interiors. These cellular blinds come fully automated or manually operated. Honeycomb single and double cell fabrics blend the elementary and graceful honeycomb design with attractive styles and colours for impressive window shades. These cellular honeycomb fabrics manufactured from non-woven bonded polyester, so will not fade or wear out. All cords, seams and holes remain out of sight in honeycomb blinds so it would not obstruct your shade’s attractiveness.

Honeycomb Blinds with Thermal Goodness in Sydney

Sunshade Shutters range of thermal honeycomb blinds with a slimline design makes for brilliant window covering, offering excellent thermal performance, making them the most efficient window furnishings available on the market. If you want a perfect match, superb practicality and classic versatility to the style, then it’s hard to beat crisp white shade. Light filtering and metallized block-out fabrics are the two different fabric choices honeycomb blinds has to offer apart from the sheer fabric. These material types and cellular design of these blinds assist maintaining warmth in the colder months and reduce heat in the summer months. It is a smart way to cut down on your energy bills. Besides, honeycomb blinds are highly durable, dust resistant, washable and easy to care and maintain.

Sunshade Shutters is delighted to offer the most comprehensive range of premium honeycomb cellular blinds in Sydney and Central Coast at cost-effective prices. With wider pleat, it provides a chunkier, more striking look and with more thermal goodness, honeycomb blinds are now even better!

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