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Sunshade Shutters offer an array of modern, sleek and adjustable vertical blinds in Sydney and Central Coast at attractive prices. If you want to upgrade your existing curtains, then vertical blinds are a worthy upgrade for your home, and they can fit any window size or shape.

At Sunshade Shutters, we supply and install vertical blinds in any colour of your choice, and we can even colour-match vertical blinds to the interior walls or decor of your home. Vertical blinds provide you with privacy and light control capabilities, and they are a fantastic alternative to adorn the windows of your home.

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Sunshade Shutters is committed to delivering top-notch blinds and shutters at affordably-cheap prices, which is backed by our reliable installation service and customer support.

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Vertical Blinds for Workplaces and Offices

Sunshade Shutters can install vertical blind systems in a range of colours, shades, styles and operating mechanisms for workplaces and offices. Though a classic choice of blinds, vertical blinds are still loved today as they have ever been.

The seamless balance of design and functionality make vertical blinds effortless to incorporate into any workplace or commercial space. The vertical slats fine-tuned to offer accurate control of privacy and light. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of fabric choices such as translucent, solid PVC and block-out. Besides, you can select between stick or string operation style and with or without bottom linking chains.

It is a perfect solution to cover sliding doors of elegant offices and commercial spaces, as it is easy to push vertical blinds to one side allowing people to come inside and move out when the door is in use.

Custom-Made Vertical Blinds

Get the best-in-value vertical blinds for workplaces and offices at attractive prices only at Sunshade Shutters – Call Us Now on 02 9052 6841 to place business & corporate orders!

Vertical Blinds for office

Ordering Vertical Blinds

Knowing vertical blinds is crucial before you order it! Vertical blinds contain three key components viz. the head-rail, the strips and the wand or rod.

  • The head-rail, the top most part of the blind that connects to the wall and comprises the hidden rail.
  • The strips also known as hangers or slats are the main body of the blind.
  • The rod is the stick-like part, which is twisted or pushed by the track to facilitate light to enter inside the room or block it out.

There are other parts as well, but the above-listed are the three crucial parts you should know, as they can influence your design choice.

Installing Vertical Blinds

Installing Vertical Blinds

The professional installation of vertical blinds is an option; however, it’s easy and straight forward to install them.

  • Connect the head rails to the brackets on the wall above the window.
  • Then connect the slats to the clips in the track.
  • The slats will effortlessly slip into the clips.
  • At the top of each slat, a void is pierced that lets the strip to rest on the clip’s lip.
  • At last, a rod is connected to a small ring on track’s one-end.
Vertical Blinds for Home

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

It’s easy to clean vertical blinds –

  • Take a damp, soft cloth to spot clean or vacuum with a pointer to get rid of dust.
  • Steam cleaning is the best option for vertical blind fabrics, as it will not only eliminate spots but will destroy any mould built up and dust mites.

Do you want to order custom-made vertical blinds for the home or commercial space? Call us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and one of our experienced team will assist you all through.

Vertical Windows Blinds for Home or Office

Vertical Windows Blinds for Home or Office

Buy vertical blinds online for home or office windows at the best prices only at Sunshade Shutters & Blinds! Vertical blinds are amongst the preferred window furnishings that can blend flawlessly with the design of any home or office. With vertical blinds, you can keep the windows of your home or office looking neat and clean without spending way too much money, and it requires minimal maintenance. The convenience and flexibility offered by vertical blinds make it a hugely popular choice for window furnishings in Sydney and Central Coast and the rest of Australia.


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