Outdoor Blinds Sydney

Beautiful Outdoor Blinds In Sydney

Sunshade Shutters offers stylish and durable custom outdoor blinds to adorn your veranda, balcony, pergola or patio. Outdoor blinds provide excellent protection against fierce sunlight and heavy winds or rains. Exterior blinds help to keep the interiors of your home cooler during the blazing summer days.

Why Choose Sunshade Shutters’ Outdoor Blind Range?


  • Designed to withstand the harsh Aussie weather conditions.
  • High-quality, durable and lasting products.
  • Heavy-duty top tubes and bottom bar offers excellent sturdiness.
  • Look stylish with the unique lock mechanism in place.
  • Intermediate locking positions for manual blinds.
  • Safeguarded side slats for better handling.


Enquire Now! Call us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841 to get the best deals on our fascinating range of outdoor blinds.

Buy Outdoor Blinds In Sydney At The Best Prices!

At Sunshade Shutters, you can buy attractive, durable, and modern outdoor blinds in Sydney and Central Coast at the best prices. Call us now at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and one of our expert team will be delighted to help you through.

Residential Outdoor Blinds

Residential Outdoor Blinds in Sydney

Sunshade Shutters’ has a variety of beautiful outdoor blinds in Sydney and Central Coast for homes and all residential properties. We can build stunning custom outdoor blinds for your abode with your choice of fabrics and colour-shades. By installing a premium exterior blind in Sydney and Central Coast, you can effortlessly combine the outer area and extend your overall indoor living space.

What You Will Get?

  • A variety of fabrics, designs, and colours to choose from, to transform your living area.
  • Privacy and complete protection from the outside elements.
  • Impressive custom outdoor blinds to harmonize your home surroundings.
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Commercial Outdoor Blinds In Sydney

Sunshade Shutters’ premium commercial outdoor blinds range provides excellent weather protection against the harsh sun’s rays, heavy blowing wind, and rain. Our range of high-quality exterior blinds are designed and made in Australia, so you can buy with confidence, as it will last you longer, safeguarding you against the outside elements.

What You Will Get?

  • High-grade commercial fabrics.
  • Premium brands like Somfy to choose from.
  • High-quality custom outdoor blinds.
Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Outdoor Blinds & Awnings in Sydney

Create an outdoor living space that you have always envisioned! Stunning outdoor blinds and awnings will transform your outside entertainment zone, shielding you against the sun, wind and rain, and add value to your home in Sydney and Central Coast.

Sidetrack Outdoor Blinds

At Sunshade Shutters, we supply and install superior quality Slidetrack outdoor blinds in Sydney and Central Coast. Turn your garden into a beautiful living space by installing one of these magnificent Slidetrack outdoor blinds today.

Enjoy The Sensational Outdoor Blinds All Year-Round


  • Superb Breeze Control – When you install high-quality outdoor blinds from our exclusive range, you get maximum protection against the wind all year-round.
  • Sun Protection & Shading – Our premium outdoor blinds range offers essential sun protection and shading to keep your home shaded from the harsh sun.
  • Privacy – Choose from our choicest range of outdoor blinds that are available in a variety of colour shades that not only look stunning but also provide you with enhanced privacy.
  • Fully Restrained Tracks – Outdoor blinds we supply come with fully restrained tracks to provide better weather control and protection against pests.
  • Bug & Pest Barrier – Our array of outdoor binds offer a dependable safeguard against insects, bugs, and all types of pests.

Color Options

color_trans 509 - Flint
509 Flint
color_trans 544 - Eclipse
544 - Eclipse
color_trans 553 - Blackstone
553 - Blackstone
color_trans 503 - Deep sea
503 - Deep sea
color_trans 504 - Spice
504 - Spice
color_trans 505 - Silver sky
505 - Silver sky
color_trans 507 - Bamboo
507 - Bamboo
color_trans 508 - Nougat
508 - Nougat
color_trans 510 - Moonlight
510 - Moonlight
color_trans 511 - Macchiato
511 - Macchiato
color_trans 517 - Chalk
517 - Chalk
color_trans 526 - Greystone
526 - Greystone
color_trans 529 - Wheat
529 - Wheat
color_trans 533 - Mocha
533 - Mocha
color_trans 539 - Shale grey
539 - Shale grey
color_trans 540 - Woodland
540 - Woodland
color_trans 541 - Basalt
541 - Basalt
color_trans 542 - Monument
542 - Monument
color_trans 551 - Ash
551 - Ash
color_trans 555 - Bronze
555 - Bronze
color_trans 559 - Forest green
559 - Forest green
color_trans 564 - Platinum
564 - Platinum
color_trans 566 - Alpaca
566 - Alpaca
color_trans 572 - Porcelain
572 - Porcelain
color_trans 575 - Marzipan
575 - Marzipan
color_trans 597 - Maroon
597 - Maroon


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