ZipguardTM Super Duty Outdoor Blinds System

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Introducing a revolutionary new side-channel outdoor blind system unlike anything else in Australia, The ZipguardTM. The ZipguardTM is the latest generation of outdoor blinds and comes packed with a massive new range of patented features that will blow the competition away! The ZipguardTM is the only outdoor blind system specifically designed to keep the elements out while keeping the fabric flat and tight at all times!

Sunshade Shutters supply and install the ultimate blind solutions for any outdoor living or window space of premium ZipguardTM brand. You can choose from an array of ZipguardTM outdoor blinds for the home or commercial application. Custom-made to fit any residential or commercial installation, ZipguardTM sets high standards for outdoor living and delivers secure, durable and sleek outdoor shade solutions.

The ZipguardTM features a patented internal side system, specially engineered so the blind is a lot more robust and wind resistant than everything else in the market! Furthermore, the ZipguardTM features the ultra-compact headbox cassette in the market with a complete bug seal design and heavy-duty componentry. The ZipguardTM outdoor blinds provide the ultimate protection from weather elements such as sun, wind, rain and insects, keeping you and your family in a comfortable atmosphere from summer to winter, naturally and efficiently. The ZipguardTM outdoor solutions have got approval for coastal use, and they are ultra-durable and built to last.

ZipguardTM Outdoor Blinds would be the best outdoor solution for your home or office, call us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and our specialist team will be happy to serve you!


Zipguard Outdoor Blinds


Zipguard Blinds Sydney

ZipguardTM – The World’s Only Super Duty Outdoor Blind!

Introducing to Australia the world’s only super duty outdoor blind, the ZipguardTM. An innovative product of unparalleled design and performance, the ZipguardTM is the newest generation of outdoor blinds and features a patented system of unrivalled quality! The ZipguardTM has been designed in such a way that the fabric stays flat at all times, even when operating in the wind! Featuring a patented system, the ZipguardTM can handle more G-Force wind than any other outdoor blind system in Australia! Effortlessly extend your home living space with ZipguardTM super-duty, durable and stylish outdoor blinds. ZipguardTM outdoor blinds have been designed and tested for Australian weather conditions. You can quickly renovate your home by installing stunning and purposeful ZipguardTM outdoor blinds to the outdoor spaces or windows without costly and time-consuming conventional renovations.

Zipguard Blinds

The ZipguardTM – Truly In A League Of Its Own!

The ZipguardTM is the heaviest outdoor blind system in the market due to its well-built heavy-duty design featuring heavy extruded aluminium finished off with a superior scratch-resistant textured powder-coated paint finish in a stylish profile. You can augment your outdoor living space by creating an outdoor oasis for comfy entertainment and relaxation in a stress-free way. ZipguardTM outdoor blinds safeguard any verandah, Alfresco, balcony or pergola all through the summer heat to the winter chills, facilitating you and your family or friends to indulge in open-air living throughout the year.

If you want to know more about ZipguardTM outdoor blind solutions for residential or commercial applications, feel free to call us at Sunshade Shutters on 02 9052 6841, and one of our expert and friendly teams will be glad to assist you!


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