4 Things You Should Know about Plantation Shutters Before Buying Them

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a beautiful adornment for your home that can shade your home from the blazing sun’s rays and create an ageless look for your abode. However, before you order plantation shutters for your sweet home, it is imperative to look at the available options, which will help you to select the right plantation shutters for your home. Plantation shutters come in diverse materials, colours and style options from which you can choose from.

1. Select the Material

Plantation shutters are available in basswood, PVC, aluminium and cedar materials. Material selection needs to be done based on the look you want to achieve. Besides, you need to know what kind of care each material requires. And would you like to stain them or paint them later on? Well, you can paint timber or aluminium shutters easily but when it comes to PVC shutters, it’s not that easy. 

Timber shutters are the perfect choice if you love the look of natural wood and would like to change the stain or paint colour in the future. Nevertheless, if you select timber material for your plantation shutters, then make sure to select mortice and tenon joints. These are stronger joints that will outlive ordinary dowel and glue joints found in the shutters, and serve you for many years to come.

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2. Select a Louvre Style

If you have small windows then smaller, thinner louvres are ideal, as too big louvres may bury a small window. Conversely, if you have bigger windows, you might want large louvres to provide you with a clear view.

3. Determine Where You Want to Install Your Shutters

You can choose to install your plantation shutters inside of your window’s opening or outside. In case, you have beautiful moulding, then ideally you should install them inside the window’s opening so that you can display your moulding. Conversely, if your window doesn’t have moulding, then it’s best to install plantation shutters outside. Besides, outside installed plantation shutters come with integrated moulding, which will create a smooth and classy look.

4. Choose a Shutter Panel Style 

At Sunshade Shutters, we can customise plantation shutters for decorative windows of any style whether it is hexagon-shaped, arched or any other window style. There is a variety of shutter panel styles to choose from:

  • Cafe shutters that shade the lower half of your window,
  • The double-hung style allows you to open separately both at the top and bottom,
  • Full shutters that open up and shut as a sole panel.

Choose a panel style that best suits your windows and serves your needs better.


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